Story About Tales Of Pirates

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Story About Tales Of Pirates

Post  Dmetalx on Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:32 pm

Goodday bloggers my name in Solo is EliteCrus
what do i have to say about Tales Of Pirates???
you can say alot like This Server Rocks.
Real Top Hexathlon Rocks every server has something good.
But that didnt inspired me so i chose this subject.
Now here it comes.

Life Of A Crus

On the 6th of february 1590 a baby was born. But it wasnt a normal baby, it was a legendary baby.
It was a baby of a King. The King of Ascaron. And His Name was Jay. Jay got trained by the best swordsmans and the best trainers as we all know the Newbie Guide of Argent. Newbie Guide - Senna. As his training began, at the age of 18 he had to become a Swordsman, a Knight of the Round Table. So he went to Senna and got his letter to become a Swordsman. His First task was to go to the Guard of Argent - Peter. Peter said to him "kill some pigs so we can have diner tonight". And so Jay went off to the pigs. It was a long trip it took him 15 mins
he killed 13 pigs and one he dropped one the way back. Peter was very happy with these pigs and said "Good Job now go to General William." The General was a brave man who fought for his life to everything there are stories that say that he killed the Black Dragon and The Goddes the 2 legendary monsters of life. Goddes of good and Dragon of Evil. And so Jay went to William.....
When Jay was walking to the General he decided to take a break and have some diner. In this restaurant he met a girl named Cecilia, she was a divine girl so beautiful that a broken window would get repaired and that the blind could see. Jay was astonished by Cecilia. He continued walking to General.
Jay arrived at the General
The General said to him Get me 3 Cashmeres from the sheeps, so my cats can play again and stop irritating me. Jay went to the farm to cut the hair of the sheeps. As Jay was on the way back he saw Cecilia again. BAMMM!
he walked upon a tree. Cecilia saw what happened and ran to Jay. "Is everything alright with you?" "im fine, i just got an headache" As Jay tried to stand up he past away. Cecilia started to cry and Screamed HELP!!! Than Ditto came to the rescue and gave him a medicine. Cecilia was still crying and Jay saw that. He smiled at her and said "no need to cry im here." Now they went hand in hand to The General.
Jay finally Became a Swordsman... His next step is to become a Crusader of Good to fight the Unholy world of Death....... The END

This was my small story


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